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    New Mexican Salsa  
    04/07/2007 (Sat) | Edit |
    flag of New Mexico

    New Mexican Salsa


    ■ Ingredients ■  yeild enough for a party 

  • tomato  M 4
  • onion  M 1/2
  • garlic  2 cloves
  • jalapeño  3
  • Yellow Hots  4
  • cilantro (chopped)  2-3 stems
  • salt  1 tspn
  • pepper  1/2 tspn
  • cumin powder  1/4 tspn
  • dried oregano  1 pinch
  • course ground red pepper  1 tblspn
  • tomato sauce  8oz can

    ■ Direction ■

    Choose fresh jalapeño without any blemishes and scars. Yellow hots may not be available only in Southwestern region. This pepper is not too spicy but adds very good chili flavor.

    Do not forget to wear rubber gloves when you handle chilis. It will easily burn your finger tip and hurt anywhere you touch.

    【1】 Grill yellow hots.
    You do not need to grill jalapeño, but you do need to grill yellow hots. Use stove-top grill if you have, or use oven toaster broil setting. Set grilled yellow hots side in a heat resistance container and place a plastic wrap and cover to let them steam. Once they are cooled down, peel off their skins and remove seeds and membrane (put your gloves on).

    【2】 Chop ingredients.
    Use food processor, place jalapeño, yellow hots, cilantro, garlic, and all spices and chop. Add onions and tomatos with pulse setting. Do not puree. If you are not using a food processor, chop vegetable in 1/4 inch size. Transfer the contents to a large bowl.

    【3】 Add tomato sauce. Add more salt and pepper to your taste. Salsa is good for about a week in a fridge. Salsa is excellent with scrambled eggs, egg omlets, corn chips, tacos, steak, and any food that you normally use katchup.

    They freeze well; however, when you defrost it, it produces more liquid. Separate in small container and defrost only amount you can consume in a week at a time.

    ■ Tips ■

  • Salsa tastes much better the following day.
  • You may use havanero pepper if you are brave enough.
  • It seems to loose spicy nature once you can them.
  • You can put anything you want. A friend of mine add cubed avocado and she boils her jalapeño. Each family has different recipe. This is mine.

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    New Mexican Cuisine

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